Tips, Tricks, Foreclosures, and Flips of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Author : Aaron Adams
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Tips, Tricks, Foreclosures, and Flips of a Million...

Want to cash in on real estate investing? A millionaire tells you how. Tips, Tricks, Foreclosures, & Flips of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor features ideas and techniques from millionaire real estate investor, Aaron Adams. Inside, he details the strategies he's repeatedly used to make money—and shows you how to do the same. Incorporating advice from Adams's mentors and experienced investors who taught him the pros and cons of investing, he details how he learned to pick an individualized strategy based on where he was living... so that you can do the same. • Harness the techniques that have made Aaron Adams millions • Discover insiders'tips on real estate investment • Implement proven strategies with cash rewards • Get started right away with confidence For those with real estate investing experience, this book offers new ways to use old ideas in the contemporary market—backed by Adams's experience purchasing hundreds of properties over the years.

Published Date : Aug 20, 2020
Publisher : WILEY
Page : 203 Pages
Number of Copy 1 copy
Number of Available Only 1 copy left

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