Value Creation Through Executive Development

Author : Solomon Akrofi
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Value Creation Through Executive Development...

The ability of organisations to generate long-term value and growth depends to a very large extent on the capacity of the executive cohort to conceive and implement strategic initiatives through a well-motivated and enabled workforce. However, generating consistent value in today's volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) and rapidly evolving digital economic landscape can be challenging and, therefore, executives need to update their capabilities regularly to align with the changing value drivers required for long-term growth. To achieve the expected value and growth at a more sustainable level, executive development must be managed as a strategic asset and optimised through effective design and implementation and the effects must be proactively evaluated through meaningful leading indicators and actual'hard'measures. Value Creation through Executive Development, therefore, offers a well-supported and clearly structured approach to address the gap between executive development initiatives and the creation of long-term organisational value and growth. This book provides a valuable resource to executives and management development professionals who have experienced frustration about the lack of non-value-adding executive development programmes. It also serves as a professional resource for managers of executive and management development programmes, organisational development departments and organisational development consultants, allowing them to integrate this material into existing programmes to achieve value-centric outcomes and to achieve long-term performance targets. Additionally, it serves as a teaching resource for participants in executive/management development courses or seminars globally; offering them the capacity to conduct value-centric initiatives and gain the capacity to influence the tactical, operational and strategic dimensions of their organisational performance.

Published Date : Jun 08, 2021
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