Five Superpowers for Co-Creators : How Change Makers and Business Can Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Author : Katrin Muff
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Five Superpowers for Co-Creators : How Change Make...

This groundbreaking and timely book provides change makers, organizations and facilitators with practical tools to initiate and conduct multi-stakeholder co-creation processes. Such processes are of critical importance in times of rapid change, where mega trends and grand challenges influence the market dynamics of business in entirely new ways. The book provides a concrete pathway for business to become future-ready by building capacity to work outside its traditional boundaries. The book unfolds the shift of multi-stakeholder teams from a state of competition to a state of collaboration, addressing the inner and outer dimensions of such a change. The five superpowers identified in the book are: (1) the genuine engagement of individuals, (2) collective solutions of groups, (3) transformative spaces created by facilitators, (4) the building blocks of co-creation, and (5) an effective strategy process for organizations. The book explores the challenges to achieve each of these superpowers. It also shares the stories of'heroes of transformation'and explores what have been the reasons for their success. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the grand challenges, the future of work…call it what you want, the future is here and organizations, change makers and facilitators need nothing less than these superpowers to collaborate with other players to solve these wicked problems.

Published Date : Jun 08, 2021
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Page : 207 Pages
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