Sustainable Development Through Innovative Agriculture

Author : Karthikeyan, C ,R Sendilkumar
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Sustainable Development Through Innovative Agricul...

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) deals with aspects like poverty, hunger, food and nutritional security, health, education, gender and empowerment, resource conservation and combating climate change etc., which requires intervention of innovative technologies in agriculture capable of ensuring sustainable agriculture and rural development. An attempt has been taken on these perspectives to document the emerging promising innovative technology and institutional intervention in agriculture. The contents in the book largely focuses on the potential technologies addressing the contemporary challenges and issues: natural resource conservation, complex diversified risk prone agriculture, climate smart agriculture, crop management, pest and disease management, nutrient management, irrigation management, weed management, waste management, ICT application -sustainable livelihood and institutional interventions. The book will be greatly useful to the technology creators, disseminators, adopters, agricultural educationist, extension professionals, students, research scholars, policy makers and administrators.

Published Date : Dec 14, 2021
Publisher : Astral International Pvt Ltd
Page : 283 Pages
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