Retirement Planning QuickStart Guide : The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Building Wealth, Creating Long-Term Financial Security, and Preparing for Life After Work

Author : Ted D. Snow, CFP®, MBA
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Retirement Planning QuickStart Guide : The Simplif...

THE ULTIMATE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES AND PREPARING FOR RETIREMENT INCLUDES LIFETIME ACCESS TO ONLINE INVESTMENT COURSE RESOURCES AND OTHER ESSENTIAL RETIREMENT PLANNING DIGITAL ASSETS Planning for retirement is the biggest financial commitment of your life. Are you prepared? The future is often filled with fear and uncertainty. Fortunately, your retirement doesn't have to be. Managing your finances, preparing to transition out of the workforce, and ensuring that your money is working as hard as possible to make your golden years sparkle can be overwhelming. Best-selling author and finance industry veteran Ted D. Snow, CFP®, MBA, knows how to prepare for retirement no matter what stage of planning his clients are in. Retirement Planning QuickStart Guide cuts through the chatter to help orient you on your journey to retirement with financially sound money management strategies, practical tips, and a thorough look at with it takes to prepare for a retirement worth looking forward to Using the guidance and insight provided in this book, anyone, at any stage of their career, can find the answers they're looking for to prepare for a comfortable, satisfying, and financially secure retirement. Whether retirement is right around the corner or still decades over the horizon, you deserve a retirement that's a fitting reward to a lifetime of hard work. This book is your essential companion. Retirement Planning QuickStart Guide Is Perfect For: People in their 20's, 30's, or 40's who know they have to start preparing for retirement but aren't exactly sure how yet. People in their 50's, 60's, and beyond – yes even people who are past the retirement age will find value in this book! Anyone who is concerned that they aren't adequately prepared for the largest financial commitment of their lives! Retirement Planning QuickStart Guide Covers: Everything you need to know to get a head start on retirement planning from financial planning to the fundamentals of saving for retirement Retirement planning investment strategies, tactics, and techniques that set this book apart from other retirement planning books Preparing for retirement at any age (no matter how close or far away retirement truly is) Exactly how to retire from work and into life Retirement Planning QuickStart Guide Will Teach You: Where and When to Start – How to Understand Your Unique Retirement Needs and Start Preparing Now 401(k)s, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Health Savings Accounts, Mutual Funds, and Other Financial Instruments – Which Ones Are Right for You and How to Use Them to Best Effect Accelerating Your Retirement Timeline – What to Do If You Don't Think You Have Enough Time (or Want to Retire Early!) More Than Money – Going Beyond Financial Security for a Happy, Healthy, and Rewarding Life After Retirement Fending Off Fraud, Estate Planning, Minimizing Your Tax Burden, Health Planning, Finding a Purpose After Work, and More! •LIFETIME ACCESS TO FREE SUBJECT MATTER DIGITAL ASSETS• Access to comprehensive online investing courses to ensure your financial preparedness for retirement A dynamic asset allocation tool to help you put your money to work for you Life planning guide, a budgeting calculator, anti-fraud resources and more! •GIVING BACK• ClydeBank Media proudly supports One Tree Planted as a reforestation partner.

Published Date : Dec 15, 2021
Publisher : ClydeBank Media LLC
Category : Personal Finance
Page : 235 Pages
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