Safety net: the strategy for de-risking your investments in a time of turbulence / James Glassman

Author : Glassman, James
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Safety net: the strategy for de-risking your inves...

How can you construct a financial investment strategy to protect yourself yet still get the growth to ensure a solid financial future and comfortable retirement during these turbulent times ? By building an investing safety net that gives you the gains needed for growth “ though more modest than those of past years but protection against the downside. So when turbulence strikes again and it will you won't re-live the financial nightmares of recent years when portfolios and 401Ks were devastated. ย Jim Glassman provides the specifics you need for shrewd asset allocation, specifically: ย Reduce stock ownership. For those stocks you do own, ensure they meet one of these criteria: pay dividends; are low-priced and from industries of the future; or companies based in aspiring nations such as India, Brazil and China. Make a substantial investment in bonds , especially US Treasury TIPS bonds and corporate bonds Hedge against decline by owning a bear fund that shorts the US economy. Own funds based on other currencies , thus protecting yourself against the potential declining value of the US dollar. And consider derivatives. Yes, derivatives! ย Specific stock, bond and fund recommendations and ample portfolios then provide the starter ideas for properly balancing a portfolio. And the 5 principles and 18 specific rules of œthe new rule bookโ€ help keep animal spiritsโ€ in check when fads and news flashes provide the temptation to make rash investing decisions that will be quickly regretted. From the Hardcover edition

Publisher : [S.l.] : Crown Businessr
Publish Year : 2011
Page : 196 p
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