Never lose a trade again / Tamer Abbas

Author : Abbas, Tamer
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Never lose a trade again / Tamer Abbas...

Trading ... Our Interest!! Any tradable market goes through cycles, ups .. downs .. sideways. Trading at itself can be a heart attack if you do not know what and when to trade. Some cycles takes more than other cycles, once a stock in the move, it will continue to move either up or down until it forced to ease, accumulate then change the direction of its trend, it do so by a forcing power, a group or someone who care to change the present cycle, this one might be an insider who knows something, market maker or any investor. It is not our interest in this book to dig to know who is behind this, our interest is; • To select the right stocks to trade by ranking them according to their volatility, on other words, which one of them offers better wild price swings thus potential return vs. risk and time. • To be able to clearly identify the fake breakout to ignore, and the true one to ride in early stage. • To sit tight and let our profits run with confidence, until the end of the trend. This might take hours, days or even weeks. • The most important thing is to trade with discipline and with a position-sizing plan. That being identified, our focus will be on price action and some technical indicators. Now, let’s take off our shoes by leaving our (ready-to-use) thoughts outside and go through this book to see the Stock Market naked

Publisher : USA : CreateSpace Independent
Publish Year : 2015
Page : 69 p
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