Venture capital funding : a practical guide to raising finance / Stephen Bloomfield

Author : Bloomfield, Stephen
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Venture capital funding : a practical guide to rai...

Defining what venture capital is and is not Shareholder change Know your enemy The myth of patient money 00; Pressures on the venture capitalist Factors and issues affecting venture capital fund policies 00; Fund size and structure Horses for courses 00; From the fund to the individual blackground and experience 00; Fund remuneration 00; Investment by fund managers The mechanics of doing the deal Stages of the process Seeing the finishing line -- from the starting position Stars and bars The major routes out 00; The P/E trap 00; Reasons to be helpful Reasons to be helpful - part 2; The dark side Dealing with existing shareholders (and stakeholders) The effects of change 00; The best structure 00; Shareholders Other eholdersBuilding -- and displaying -- the management team Four facets of a management team The key issues of discovery -- the 'due diligence' process The choice of investment vehicle Legal stages: where the going gets tough The process step-by-step Post investment considerations: culture shock The failure of mutual comprehension 00; Costs 00; Additional scrutiny -- and the consequences 00; Requisite skills Board atmosphere Increased ormality The false hope of synergy Outside involvement Personnel change Tactical actions of the investor Further funding The problems with angels 00; Non-problemsRealization of the investment lotation: IPOs 00; Trade sales The dark side: corporate collapse Summary: do you still want venture capital?

Publisher : London
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Page : xii, 244 p
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