Free capital : how 12 private investors made millions in the stock market / Guy Thomas

Author : Thomas, Guy
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Free capital : how 12 private investors made milli...

Are you interested in investment? Would life be better if you had no job, no boss, and succeeded or failed purely on the merits of your own investment insights? Free Capital gives an insight into this life. Based on a series of interviews, it outlines the investing strategies, insights, and lifestyles of people who have left the world of employment to become independent investors. How did these people originally get interested in investment? How did the interest progress to the point where they gave up their day-job? How do they spend their time now? Free Capital profiles a range of people who have made high returns over a long period investing for their own account, in most cases starting from small initial capital. A number of these investors have accumulated substantial seven-figure sums in ISAs. Some have several academic degrees or strong City backgrounds; others left school with few qualifications and are entirely self-taught as investors. Some invest most of their money in very few shares and hold them for years at a time; others make dozens of trades every day, and hold them for at most a few hours. Some are inveterate networkers, who spend their day talking to managers at companies in which they invest; for others a share is just a symbol on a screen, and a price chart shows most of what they need to know. Free Capital - a pot of money surplus to immediate living expenses - is the raw material with which these investors work. Free Capital can also be thought of as their psychological habitat, free from the tribulations of office politics, corporate culture and answering to a boss. Free Capital is also a description of their funds, which can be quickly redirected towards any type of investment anywhere in the world, without the constraints which institutional investors often face. Free Capital gives a unique insight into this world

Publisher : Hampshire Great Britain : Harriman House
Publish Year : 2011
Page : 279 p
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