Officially dead / Richard Prescott

Author : Prescott, Richard
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Officially dead / Richard Prescott...

Officially Dead is a book written by Richard Prescott in 1999. In fact I started reading it just because of my school. When the teacher told us to buy the book Officially Dead I couldn’t imagine what it might be about because most of the times people are officially dead. So I started thinking: ‘It must be something about crime and murders’. Well, it was about crime but not about murders exactly. But then, when I bought the book and saw the characters it was all crystal clear.The main character is a businessman called Colin Fenton who runs a small computer software company with his wife July Fenton. But one day, when Colin goes on business, he meets somebody who looks exactly like him, John Bentley. Mrs Linda Bentley, is a very attractive woman who works in a jewellery store and she has an idea for a robbery on which she wants to use Colin as an alibi for her husband. Unfortunately, on the way to provide this alibi, Colin has a car crash and dies. Now, it is up to Mark Ashwood who is the only one who’s seen the accident. I know that the story is very interesting but I can’t tell you the end since the book is worth reading.I liked the character Mark Ashwood. He was a very nice gentleman. Although he was very busy he went to see ‘July Fenton’ and told her what Colin had said to him. I liked him because I think that he was a man who always kept his promises. But there were some parts of the book which I didn’t like so much. For example, I felt very angry when Colin stayed one night with Linda Bentley! How could he have done something like that to his wife? And Linda Bentley didn’t love him really. I felt a bit disappointed.I think that the characters are all believable. Some years ago I watched on TV two women who looked exactly the same but they weren’t even family. But I admit that it is very strange to meet somebody just like you as in the story: Colin Fenton meets somebody identical to him in a pub. The world couldn’t be smaller!

Publisher : Oxford : Macmillan
Publish Year : 2005
Category : Language Corner
Page : 119 p
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