Sustainable investing for everyone: a private investor's guide / Paul Bryant

Author : Bryant, Paul
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Sustainable investing for everyone: a private inve...

"Just finished this highly readable introduction to DIY green investing by Paul Bryant. Starts off with a great summary of the different types of sustainable investing strategies. And then if you use one of the major online platforms, it shows you how to cross-refer to various environmental analytics services. Good chapter as well on greenwashing - and a surprising conclusion on a particularly popular investment."Josh Gregory, CEO and Founder, Sugi - The UK’s first app to check your carbon impact, compare investments and help you build a greener portfolio***You’re a private investor. You do it to make money. But you also know that businesses have to change the way they operate, and quickly. They have to pollute less and recycle more, treat workers and communities fairly, and not engage in financial shenanigans to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. This book will show you why you should, and how you can, use your hard-earned cash to invest in a way that gives businesses a nudge (or even a shove) in the direction of operating more sustainably - while improving investment returns. Whether you have a portfolio valued in the thousands or the millions; manage your own money or use an investment adviser; ‘pick stocks’ or stick to unit trusts or mutual funds, this book is for you. --- Paul Bryant is an equity analyst and writer covering the financial services sector. See more of his work at

Publisher : Canbry Consulting Limited
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Category : Social Enterprise
Page : 160 pages
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