Investing in the era of climate change / Bruce Usher

Author : Usher, Bruce
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Investing in the era of climate change /  Bruce Us...

Climate change is an increasingly well understood problem: modern economies are emitting greenhouse gases at an unprecedented rate, leading to a higher concentration of gases in the atmosphere and a rapid warming of the planet. Most investors understand this, but they have waited for government policy on climate change to provide guidance on where to allocate capital. That is now changing. Investment capital is rapidly moving out of assets that contribute to climate change, and into companies and projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This change in investor behavior is driven by five systemic trends - rapid innovation in low-carbon technologies, changes in the physical environment, growth in impact investing, expansion of local government regulations, and evolving social norms. Each of these trends provides an incentive for investors to commit capital to climate change solutions. Taken together, these trends are remaking the investment landscape, creating momentum to solve climate change. The book explores these trends, as well as how both new and old investment strategies apply to them

Publisher : New York NY : Columbia University Press
Publish Year : 2022
Category : Social Enterprise
Page : 287 pages
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