Climate change and the road to NET-ZERO: science • technology • economics • politics / Mathew Hampshire Waugh

Author : Waugh, Mathew Hampshire
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Climate change and the road to NET-ZERO: science •...

CLIMATE CHANGE and the road to NET-ZERO is a story of how humanity has broken free from the shackles of poverty, suffering, and war and for the first time in human history grown both population and prosperity. It's also a story of how a single species has reconfigured the natural world, repurposed the Earth's resources, and begun to re-engineer the climate. The book uses these conflicting narratives to explore the science, economics, technology, and politics of climate change. NET-ZERO blows away the entrenched idea that solving global warming requires a trade-off between the economy and environment, present and future generations, or rich and poor, and reveals why a twenty-year transition to a zero carbon system is a win-win solution for all on planet Earth

Publisher : Milton Keynes UK : Crowstone Publishing
Publish Year : 2021
Category : Social Enterprise
Page : 428 pages
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