Emerging markets rule : growth strategies of the new global giants / Mauro F. Guillen and Esteban Garcia-Canal

Author : Guillén, Mauro
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Emerging markets rule : growth strategies of the n...

The newest economic behemoth, China, is snatching market share from the U.S., Japan, and Europe at an alarming rate. But China isn't alone. The world's largest producers of biofuel, meat, consumer electronics, regional jets, baked goods, candy, and many other products are all emerging market multinationals (EMMs). And industries poised to be taken over by EMMs include personal computers, IT services, mining, wind turbines, and cement. The balance of power in the global economy is shifting. Are you in a position to compete with the most energetic, imaginative companies on the planet? In Emerging Markets Rule, two experts on the global shift in economic hegemony explain what is happening, why it is happening--and how you can prevent it from happening to you. The authors provide an action plan based on leaner, more operationally proficient ways for maintaining the competitive advantage based on seven new axioms of global competitiveness: Execute, strategize, and execute again Cater to the niches Scale to win Embrace chaos Acquire smart Expand with abandon No sacred cows! Emerging market multinationals are here to stay; they're not going to go away, even when the global economy rights itself. "What began as a necessity--a kind of guerilla-business warfare against the corporate superpowers--has now evolved into best practices and is on its way to becoming what everyone needs to know," the authors write. "Simply put, down is up. The weak have become strong."

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