The Maritime Dimension of Sustainable Energy Security

Author : Kapil Narula
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The Maritime Dimension of Sustainable Energy Secur...

The maritime domain and sustainable energy are two critical aspects of the twenty first century which will shape the future of humanity. Although the maritime domain is inextricably interlinked with Sustainable Energy Security (SES), many aspects are discussed in isolated silos. This book aims to fill in this gap by presenting a holistic view of the maritime dimension of SES. It includes various topics such as the global energy system, energy supply chains, energy trade, shipping of energy commodities, energy markets, protection of maritime energy supply lines and the role of military in providing maritime security. It also focuses on harnessing offshore energy resources, both hydrocarbons and marine renewable energy and discusses the developments in lowering emissions from the shipping sector. The book is written for the general reader as well as students who are undergoing a course in energy systems, maritime management, naval studies and energy sustainability. The content is tailored to meet the intellectual curiosity of the inquisitive reader and introduces various specialized topics which are dealt in a simple and concise manner. It is hoped that this book would bridge the gap in the understanding of the maritime dimension of SES.

Published Date : Jun 08, 2021
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