Markplus Inc: Winning The Future - Marketing And Entrepreneurship In Harmony

Author : Philip Kotler,Den Huan Hooi
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Markplus Inc: Winning The Future - Marketing And E...

This book seeks to understand how a one-man consultancy practice can grow to become what is arguably the largest such enterprise in one of the world's largest countries. It follows the incredible story of the start-up MarkPlus and its journey to become what it is today. Through this journey, one will discover the importance of developing innovative and original marketing frameworks and practices, along with the purpose and passion of a start-up's founder. This insightful book covers many well-established marketing concepts and practices and sheds light on the path that many entrepreneurs must take in establishing their own businesses.

Published Date : Dec 13, 2021
Publisher : World Scientific
Page : 288 Pages
Number of Copy 1 copy
Number of Available Only 1 copy left

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