Mom's Got Money : A Millennial Mom's Guide to Managing Money Like a Boss

Author : Catherine Alford
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Mom's Got Money : A Millennial Mom's Gui...

Mom's Got Money is a mother's guide—an instruction manual to help them use the skills they already possess to become extraordinarily confident managers of their money. Alford won't pretend mothers don't have a lot on their plate. She already knows they're pressed for time. The weight of their daily decisions takes a toll. Sometimes, it feels like they manage everything, whether they have a supportive spouse or not. She knows this because it's that way in her house too. However, we all have a choice on how to handle that responsibility, and Alford thinks we can flip the script. Instead of being frustrated or feeling resentful, Alford teaches moms how to recognize their own strengths and develop true financial confidence. Once readers master Alford's money lessons, they'll start to truly enjoy money. Vacations are more fun when they're already planned and paid for. Christmas shopping is a breeze when you have a fully funded holiday spending account. Never worry about the worst that can happen because you have a fully funded emergency fund and life insurance. Feel in control of your bills, caught up, and with room to spare. In this book, you'll learn how to: Become an exceptional leader of your family with a growth mindset Calculate your net worth Effectively budget and manage your household cash flow Work with your spouse or partner on financial goals Understand what impacts your credit score Ensure you pay all your bills on time, every time Make sure you plan for emergencies Protect your family by buying term life insurance Do the math on childcare costs vs. career costs when having a family Plan and save for holiday spending, birthdays, and special events Learn the art and joy of giving Ideal for moms everywhere, but especially new and millennial moms, Mom's Got Money is an indispensable guide to taking financial control of your life.

Published Date : Dec 15, 2021
Publisher : WILEY
Category : Personal Finance
Page : 195 Pages
Number of Copy 1 copy
Number of Available Only 1 copy left

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