Money & Divorce : The Essential Roadmap to Mastering Financial Decisions

Author : Lili Vasileff
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Money & Divorce : The Essential Roadmap to Mas...

Most people head straight into divorce without preparing themselves for the journey that lies ahead. Whether or not the divorce is of your choosing, you need the necessary guidance and useful information.Financial planning for the future is an essential part of every divorce settlement. Separating couples often face a significant financial transformation. The bottom line is that two households must now survive on the dollars that formerly supported one. Transition is a critical time when you need the most help to understand the pros and cons of your financial options, how to set priorities, and when to reach a settlement with confidence.Money and Divorce: The Essential Roadmap to Mastering Financial Decisions will help you make informed and intelligent choices concerning financial issues in divorce. The book explains the fundamentals—illustrating how to set goals, deal with finances, navigate the legal process, and protect against unforeseen events.

Published Date : Aug 20, 2020
Publisher : American Bar Association
Category : Personal Finance
Page : 218 Pages
Number of Copy 1 copy
Number of Available Only 1 copy left

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